Where are the projects?

You browsed through the course curriculum for a bit and you couldn't seem to find any projects?That's because there are none. The main premise of the course is to get you up and running with any framework or technology you'd like. As soon as you finish the course, you'll be able to start mastering React, Angular, Vue, Node or absolutely any other framework and library using JavaScript. All of these frameworks are built on top of JavaScript, that's why to learn any of them you must master JavaScript, and that's exactly what we do here.

Other courses throw in a few small projects, like building calculators, countdown clocks, or background color changers. But these, to say at least, are funny. These are not real projects you can showcase on your portfolio. These are not projects that are going to land you a job if you show them to potential employers. These are not the projects you're going to learn from.

For that reason, this course doesn't throw in any unnecessary details and small projects that you would never use. It capitalizes on teaching you complex topics in depth. So that you can be ready to take the next step in your career. As I mentioned, this course is going to help you master JavaScript, and after you do that, all the other doors are going to open for you. You can jump into React, for example, and start building large and extremely useful applications. Or maybe, you can decide that backend is more your thing, so with all the JavaScript knowledge that you gained from the course, you're going to start learning Node JS to create complex backend system and API's for applications such as E-Commerce Stores or even Social Media Networks.

In the next lecture, you're going to receive the access code for a special private 24/7 community where you will able to ask any questions you might have during the course or you can use it for networking with fellow aspiring developers.

Let's start making you a professional developer right now.

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